Our “Altro” concept: Super-car dashboard showcase

Pushing racing track HMI to next level
July 27, 2023
6 min read

Since the first sports car's inception in 1910, these vehicles have always stood apart from utilitarian everyday cars. The discerning customers in this segment possess unique preferences and hold lofty expectations. Performance on the road and captivating aesthetics play pivotal roles in their purchasing decisions. Furthermore, they highly appreciate innovation and distinctive features.

This presents an ideal opportunity for our team to shine. How could we deliver a meticulously tailored experience that perfectly compliments the cutting-edge designs of modern supercars while addressing the driver's individual needs?

Join us as we take you behind the scenes of what racing could be!

Inside of Altro

At the heart of our concept lies the mission to innovate the dashboard, empowering users with a customizable system that ensures the content aligns precisely with their needs and desires. Traditionally, customization has been associated with luxury and was often limited by the constraints of analog dashboards, requiring substantial resources. However, with the advent of the digital age and new technologies, we can now design systems that dynamically respond to drivers in real time, accommodating multiple drivers for the exact vehicle.

We have chosen to showcase our concept in what is arguably the most fun activity one can engage in with a supercar: track racing. Our driver skill system is at the core of this experience, which offers a customizable journey tailored to the driver's level.

Our motivations

- Bring new HMI technologies to super-cars

- Innovate ways to experience race track

- Find safer options for novice drivers

- Push limits of autonomous elements on race track

Driving into the Future

The system we created is based on the principles of modularity and a high level of car autonomy. These two concepts are the critical components for developing the user-friendly vehicles of tomorrow.

Our racing assist and virtual navigator features support drivers of different skill levels in various driving scenarios. There are two levels to this system: one that actively takes control over driving and setting of the car, and another that assists drivers in enhancing their driving skills by giving them hints and advice as well as warnings.

Another part is the modularity that enables the design to accommodate the needs of a broader range of users. By allowing for the movement and rearrangement of elements according to individual preferences, users can experience a more adaptable and effective way to control the vehicle. The system is built on a grid that aligns all elements no matter how you re-arrange them, resulting in always coherent visual design. Modularity also contributes to the product’s lifespan by enabling easier upgrades and appealing to a broader audience. In this way, it promotes a more sustainable approach to design.

The modular system is

- Dashboard is created as a geometric grid

- Each element is component that can be placed anywhere on dashboard

- Size of each element is standardized so it can be replaced by other elements

- You can move element anywhere

Tailored to Every Driver

Apart from a casual mode intended for everyday driving, we introduce three distinct levels. Each is visually unique but, more importantly, tailored to the skill level of the driver: Aspiring mode, Challenge mode, and Competitive mode.

Aspiring mode

Are you new track but want to learn? This mode is intended for drivers that have little racing experience, helping them to build their skills and confidence on the racetrack. Our racing assist has your back: It will ensure you are safe on the road and help you with complicated manual control; it will also give you hints to optimize your driving. Thanks to these features, the driver can still enjoy an exciting driving experience while being safe.

Key benefits

- Safety on race track

- Autonomous features

- Hints and advice from racing assist

Challenge mode

We are also looking out for already experienced drivers with Challenge mode, which is designated for those who are looking for an opportunity to put their skills to the test. The mode is more hands-on compared to the previous one, but most importantly, the provided "racing with the pros" feature enables the drivers to reach their lap times with racing pros and other racers on the track.

Key benefits

- Challenging semi manual control

- Racing against the pros

- Skill level up advice

Competitive mode

The last one to introduce is the most advanced racing mode - the Competitive mode. It is intended for competitive drivers who require a high level of customization and manual control. Its modular system allows the driver to re-arrange and change the displayed widgets, creating a personalized experience. It is also packed with additional features like a virtual navigator or the ability to review your laps with an AI assistant providing the extra edge you need to win.

Key benefits

- Full manual control over

- Fully customizable information depending on driver needs

- Virtual navigator AR HUD

How did we get there?

Concept Creation

We wanted to adapt the system to the user rather than the other way around. Knowing this, we started working on the UX side of the concept, researching racing, talking to drivers with actual racing experience, and benchmarking what is out there. We found several priorities for the drivers, and we explored how to accommodate all of them. We also found common denominators, which gave us personas to build the skill level system around. Ultimately, we concluded we would need a dynamic and flexible system. We began exploring different approaches to implement the design, leading to the development of our final modular system. By creating a flexible grid that is connected to the driver's skill level, we aimed to deliver the ultimate user experience.

Our in-depth research and user centered approach to the problem of innovating discipline as old as car themselves allowed us to see what modern driver might need to push the experience to next level.


Inventing the supercar dashboard of tomorrow and fulfilling the needs of modern track drivers of all skill categories, while keeping it user friendly and simple. Identifying the key information drivers need and prioritize them in the design.


Inventing a flexible solution that allows the dashboard to transform depending on the user’s needs. By leveraging modern technology, designing a system to display all necessary information to the driver.


Combination of the user centered research, use of technology and innovative approach to racing in compact dashboard that caters to all types of drivers and is easy to use.

- Optimized UI for racing

- Flexible modular system

The finishing line

Would you take our supercar for a spin on a race track? Are you interested in hearing more about how we research, innovate and execute ideas?

Connect with our CDO Richard, who will happily walk you through what we can do for you!

Check out the designs in full glory below

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