From Vacations to Vehicles

Behind the Scenes of the Car Manufacturers
July 24, 2023
2 min read

Summer is here! The time of blazing sun and road trips to new places. Every workplace gets a bit quieter with the summer period. And while the automotive world never truly sleeps, you can also notice a slight slowdown. Of course, it is temporary as the demand for new cars naturally decreases, and the industry has time to prepare for the next season. So, let's sneak peek into what car manufacturers do over the summer months.

Change in Customers' Behavior

When the temperature rises, so does the desire to soak up some sun and enjoy the outdoors. People put on hold their car-buying plans and enjoy their vacations and fun activities instead. It's a natural shift in demand that appears every year. And since new orders are lower, manufacturers take advantage of it.

Giving the Factories Some Time Off

When fewer new car orders are coming in, it is an excellent opportunity for all manufacturers and suppliers to give their factories an always much-needed makeover. They shut down temporarily to renew their equipment, fix glitches, and upgrade their assembly lines. It's like a summer vacation for the machinery, ensuring everything runs smoothly when things pick up again.

Getting Ready for the Next Season

Summertime is all about anticipation, and the automotive industry is no exception, as Autumn introduces new car models and updates. And before the big reveal, manufacturers take time to finalize production plans, fine-tune marketing strategies, and ensure that everything is ready for the exciting upcoming releases.

Designers Never Take Days Off

While the industry takes a summer pause, the design teams behind user experiences and user interfaces are hard at work. Here in Kontrolka, with a temporary break from production, we seize the opportunity to delve deeper into research, ideation, and prototyping. We explore ways to improve the ease of use, functionality, and accessibility of in-car interfaces. Read more about how we engage the stakeholders in the process here.

So, as you sip your lemonade and enjoy the sunny days, rest assured that we are revving up, ready to deliver thrilling adventures when the time is right.

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